Crown Commercial

It is with pleasure we announce that GreensafeIT have been successful in becoming a supplier for the Government and public sector on the Digital Marketplace, specifically G-Cloud9 Support Services.

What is the Service for?

When an organisation requires ITAD support to move from a standard Datacentre model to a Cloud Datacentre model, there is inevitably no further need for their old DC IT equipment and that is where GreensafeIT deliver their support services.  We provide where possible, a cost neutral or better service to decommission, collect, audit, data wipe/destroy, recycle and remarket old DC IT equipment.  This allows the client to move to the new Cloud environment without incurring unnecessary costs on the front end of the project, whilst focusing their attention on the delivery of the new Cloud service model

What other benefits do we offer?

As a Carbon Neutral Company, GreensafeIT offer carbon offset programs to their clients, and any remarketing revenues can be used to offset Co2 emissions.  As an incentive GreensafeIT will offset 1 additional tonne of Co2 for every 100 tonnes the client chooses to offset.  Not only do we provide the best and most cost effective ITAD and IT buy back service available in the UK, we help organisations meet their Corporate Social Responsibility targets

We also offer some of the highest certifications and accreditations in the UK marketplace, with ISO9001, 14001 & 27001 and ADISA accreditation of Distinction with honours.  Your data is safe with us

The services we offer are not just for the Government and Public Sector, so if GreensafeIT sounds like the sort of organisation you would like to work with, please give us a call or email our sales team

0800 368 7699