As part of GreensafeIT commitment to reduce waste going to landfill we ensure that Computer parts recycling is completed in every device. This increases the potential revenue return for our customers and ensures items are not sent to landfill.


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Why Choose GreensafeIT

  • Highly Secure and Certified IT Recycling Business
  • HMG Approved Data erasure solutions
  • All staff have been security vetted and approved.
  • Overseen over 3M devices with 65 years combined management experience
  • Full asset report produced as standard with every collection
  • Ability to generate revenue from 80% of equipment returned to us on average
  • Secure dedicated collections with security cleared staff
  • Most Certified, secure and comprehensive mobile Shredding Solutions in the Market
  • ISO14001 & ISO9001, ADISA & DIPCOG Certified
  • Approved and certified by the Environment Agency

At GreensafeIT Computer Recycling Centre we focus on ensuring we follow best practice when handling and controlling the IT products our customers send back for processing. It is important that our Computer Recycling Services maximise their return. We are very careful to ensure we handle the Computer Parts Recycling process following ESD precautions to ensure they products are not damaged during the dismantling process.

Any devices that are then sold are placed into ESD anti static bags to further protect the products. We also use Static control products such as wrist straps and ESD flooring to further reduce static within the Computer Recycling Centre. Our Computer Recycling Centres are also ISO9001, ISO14001 certified.

We are very proud of the fact that we are able to remarket and reuse such a high percentage of the equipment that our customers send back to us. Being able to remarket and reuse such a high percentage makes our service market leading as your typical computer recycling company, who do not have the knowledge and sales routes we have developed over the last 15 years will typically only be able to resell between 60% – 70% of the equipment that is sent back to them by their customers.

GreensafeIT is able to achieve this performance as we have multiple web channels allowing our sales teams to maximise the revenue by selling directly to end users and businesses, this is quite unique in the recycling industry as typically most stock can be sold via brokers which reduces the margins. GreensafeIT has invested over £250,000 to build a strong web presence and we will continue to invest and grow this area of our business as we feel it compliments our services and customers. GreensafeIT also has a network of small IT shops & web traders who purchase and upgrade the equipment we sell onto them, again maximising the revenue for our customer base.

GreensafeIT has also built a large network of brokers around EMEA to enable us to sell the redundant IT, when required, into emerging markets which again maximises the revenue for our customer base. We constantly recruit new brokers to this network to ensure we are working hard to deliver revenue return for our customers. Our broker sales teams are targeted on growing this network so we ensure they do not become reliant on the “same old “broker channels; its healthy to drive new business and routes for our customers and GreensafeIT.

Computer Parts Recycling can be the difference between a services returning revenue to the customer or costing them money to dispose of the products.