When GreensafeIT collect IT from customers it is often to assess, test, clean, data wipe, repackage then return the assets to another location. This allows the customer to track the device and ensure that only fit for purpose units are remaining onsite with users. This reduces capital expenditure, on-going maintenance costs and also reduces the amount of service call and disruption to end users.

This typically this can saves at least 90% on technology capital expenditure but re using the devices that are still fit for purpose but just need a little rework to make them suitable for redeployment.

Computer Refurbishment Service

Increasing the live span of the products

As an experienced computer refurbishment service company, GreensafeIT is well versed in ensuring the products are handled in the correct ESD environment. This service can often include the units being upgraded so that the live span of the product can be increased and allow for changes and demands from upgraded software requirement.

Identifying and reusing authorised software licences

Prior to the data erasure being completed GreensafeIT can also produce details software audit reports allowing for the reuse of licences and identify un authorised software that maybe being used within the organisations.

Many Computer refurbishing service companies will offer this service but it is very important to compare the level of service and quality that is carried out during this process on your IT equipment. If the devices are handled in an incorrect manner without ESD controls in place it can increase the call out rates and impact customer’s service desk and 3rd party call out rates.

As part of the refurbishment process GreensafeIT can also install 3rd party products to reduce the amount of additional handling that could be required onsite, again reducing installation to desk time and additional handling costs.

GreensafeIT is a leading Computer refurbishment service company and prides itself on our excellent quality record in this arena.