GreensafeIT is a ADISA certified computer recycling company and is accredited to ISO9001, ISO140001 and is a market leader in computer recycling services. We hold all the waste management licenses required to operate in the sector and we work with the Environment agency to ensure our premises are maintained to the highest level accreditation.

Computer Remarketing Services


Trusted partner

Our senior management team have managed over 3 million devices during their careers in IT recycling and this knowledge and experience has lead GreensafeIT to become a “best of breed” computer recycling business, focused on delivering service excellence to the highest security levels and processes.

Recycling old computers is no longer about scrapping the devices or just diverting the waste from landfill. IT recycling is about maximising revenue returns, controlling and managing risk, ensuring all security aspects of the service are secure and approved. We ensure our customers receive a quality service, that they feel secure and that they have a trusted partner who will guide them through the legal and environmental compliance issues that need to be adhered to in this ever changing market.

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The recycling process

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The recycling IT process starts when we receive a request to collect redundant IT equipment from a customer site, this is carried out by dedicated, MOD security cleared drivers and engineers and every asset is tracked from customer site via detailed reporting. Once the items are at our facility they are each booked in individually and given a unique tracking number so that they can be tracked throughout the entire process. Once they have been assessed and a detailed product description and grade has been obtained, the items are then sent to our data erasure labs where each unit undergoes an 8 point security check to ensure that any data bearing devices are handled appropriately. We only use HMG approved data erasure software and tools. If at any stage a device fails the data erasure process, it is removed from the device and then taken to the shredding department where the unit will be shredded in 5mm fractions, again complying to the highest HMG guidelines and regulations. These fractions are then sent for further reprocessing and smelted down where the precious metals are extracted. If the unit is approved for resale by the customer and has passed our 8 point security checks it will then be stored in a secure warehouse location until our sales teams have sold the device. It is at this point the device is packed by our warehouse teams and shipped out to the new user.

Return revenue to our customers

At GreenSafeIT our aim is to return revenue to our customers for their redundant IT and Telecommunications equipment. Customers wanting to take up the remarketing service will often retain a percentage of the sales value of any product we sell, which will not only pay for the services we have undertaken but generate a positive revenue stream and support the purchase of new hardware. Typically, we are able to sell 80% of ICT that is returned to us under our computer recycling programs. This is from devices that many organisations would class as an old PC that just needs to be recycled.

We are very proud of the fact that we are able to offer Computer Remarketing Services and reuse such a high percentage of the equipment that our customers send back to us. Being able to remarket and reuse such a high percentage makes our service market leading as your typical computer recycling company, who do not have the knowledge and sales routes we have developed over the last 15 years will typically only be able to resell between 60% – 70% of the equipment that is sent back to them by their customers.

GreensafeIT is able to achieve this performance as we have multiple web channels allowing our sales teams to maximise the revenue by selling directly to end users and businesses, this is quite unique in the recycling industry as typically most stock can be sold via brokers which reduces the margins. GreensafeIT has invested over £250,000 to build a strong web presence and we will continue to invest and grow this area of our business as we feel it compliments our services and customers. GreensafeIT also has a network of small IT shops & web traders who purchase and upgrade the equipment we sell onto them, again maximising the revenue for our customer base.

Large network of brokers around EMEA

GreensafeIT has also built a large network of brokers around EMEA to enable us to sell the redundant IT, when required, into emerging markets which again maximises the revenue for our customer base. We constantly recruit new brokers to this network to ensure we are working hard to deliver revenue return for our customers. Our broker sales teams are targeted on growing this network so we ensure they do not become reliant on the “same old “broker channels; its healthy to drive new business and routes for our customers and GreensafeIT.

It can often be the case that when an old computer, laptop or server are recycled they hold a larger value in parts than they do as a whole unit, so at GreensafeIT we also ensure that our expert spares team, when required, break down the devices into parts and sell the items at component level rather than as a whole unit. The parts division of GreensafeIT has again developed multiple sales routes for IT spares, which ensures our customers obtain the maximum revenue for their old recycled computers.

All of these sales routes ensure maximum return for our customer base and generates a positive revenue stream for recycling old computers, when dealing with GreensafeIT.