GreensafeIT understands the importance of regular data centre cleaning. It is vital a Data Centre is decontaminated on a regular basis to reduce the build-up of unwanted and dangerous materials that can put your Data Centre at risk. Our teams of specialised data centre deep cleaning experts ensure this risk is eradicated.

Data Centre cleaning

Minimise downtime and avoid the risk of invalidating hardware warranties

We Specialise in Data Centre Decontamination, Data Centre Clinical Cleaning, Cleaning Computer rooms, Cleaning Server Rooms and Cleaning Comms Rooms. All are designed to securely house the core IT systems for any business so it is essential that they are kept clean and well maintained at all times. Any unscheduled downtime causes major disruption to a company’s and seriously affect its revenue streams. It is therefore vital to maximise availability, minimise downtime and avoid the risk of invalidating hardware warranties – making data centre cleaning a must for any organisation.

We can carry out this service as a on a regular basis either as a isolated activity or as part of a decommissioning project we are undertaking for our customers.

Contamination within data centres builds up from internal and external sources. Left unchecked, contamination will, as a minimum, cause equipment to retain heat and at worse, cause equipment to fail. In addition, power requirements will increase as hardware works harder to keeps its environment cool a key issue within the data centre environment.

GreensafeIT approach to its data centre cleaning services include cleaning of the subfloor void, floor surface buffing and cleaning of the equipment surface to provide a thorough preventive maintenance program for your computer room.

This also ensures you are complying with ISO 14644-1 which is the standard for machine rooms and also helps comply with the manufactures warranty directives.

If data centre cleaning has never been undertaken in your facility, an initial service site preparation clear down will need to be implemented. This is what we call a deep clean and includes:

  • Cleaning of the subfloor void
  • Cleaning all floor and equipment surfaces
  • Cleaning pedestal and stringer substructures

Once this has been completed it then allows for follow on preventative clean downs to take place on a structured and scheduled basis.

Advanced equipment

GreensafeIT uses only the most advanced equipment available. In the data centre cleaning process, equipment surfaces are cleaned using takcloths, with highly interwoven fibres and where applicable vacuumed using three stage HEPA-filtered vacuums and also when required HEPA Air scrubbers.

All floor panels are cleaned using specialised anti-static equipment and solutions at all times.

Should you have an urgent cleaning requirements please call our service desk, we have teams on standby to support urgent cleanup operations across the UK and EMEA.