GreensafeIT are a specialist fluorescent lamp recycling business. We are able to collect nationwide, provide safe and secure fluorescent lamp containers and arrange drop off and collections as quickly as next business day. Giving our customers a nationwide service.

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In every office, building, leisure complex, place of work, home and even in the middle of parks, there will always be lighting.

Here at Greensafe we ensure that everything which gives you light (yes apart from the sun) can be recycled in an environmentally friendly way that doesn’t have to cost the earth.

So whether it’s a few fluorescent lamps you need recycling or you have a large multi-sited project or customer with thousands of fluorescent lamps at each location then Greensafe can provide you with the full solution. This includes the safe storage of this hazardous waste stream, the correct transportation using the legally required paperwork and full treatment for all lamp chemistry’s ranging from the well known fluorescent tubes, sodium lamps used in such as street lighting and all the way through to the modern LED lamps.

For a project that involves re-lamping, it would also normally involve the recycling of the luminaires (light fittings) and also any emergency lighting batteries. Rest assured that Greensafe are one of only a few companies nationally that hold all of the required permits / licences / exemptions and also have the expertise to be able to deal with all three streams in large volumes giving you full peace of mind and one route for safe disposal.

Add to this our un-rivalled collection times, with next day collection available, across every mainland post code then Greensafe really should be your only call for fluorescent lamp recycling.

To provide you a fluorescent lamp recycling quote we simply need to know:

  1. How many fluorescent lamp recycling units there are roughly.
  2. The longest length of the lamps  e.g. 4ft / 6ft / 8ft.
  3. What the collection post code is.

We will ensure you are provided with a fixed quote within 2 hrs

Please call any of our office branches or request a quote from a online tool.

We are here to help and assist you with any advise you may need.