GreensafeIT Hard drive Destruction Methods are simple, and very Secure, as we only have one process which is to destroy hard drive into 11mm fractions. Many customers ask us how to destroy hard drive and our answer is simple, send them to us!

Hard Drive Destruction Methods

Shredding & destroying hard drives is not as simple as it sounds and you need to ensure you have the correct tool for the task at hand. Their are many Companies that offer to Destroy Hard Drives but a very limited number can actually shred HDD’s onsite via a dedicated vehicle. It is normally a lesser solution like punching holes in the HDD but this does not actually destroy the Data to any standard so customers should be very wary of these solution..

We have state of the art Hard Drive Destruction machine that can process over 3000 units a day and this is for Onsite Hard Drive Destruction or Offsite Hard Drive Destruction as we can cover both solutions very easily.

Our Hard Drive Destruction methods adhere to the highest standards and we are the only ADISA certified mobile solution in the UK today. This is further supported by our DIPCOG accreditation which provides our customers with the Peace of Mind that our Hard Drive Destruction methods and the most approved and certified in the UK today.

Onsite Hard Drive Destruction is becoming the default standard for ensuring customers manage their data disposal processes in the most Secure and controlled manner. Hard drive Destruction methods used to be very basic but with the improvement in technology and Hard Drive Shredding Solutions we are now able to meet all our customers requirements for IT Recycling at their site rather than back at our Computer Recycling Centre.


Our team of security cleared personnel are of the highest pedigree and professionalism to install trust and peace of mind when working with sensitive company information. With the backup of a management team with over 65 years experience, our solutions comply with the following mandates and standards:
• hMg Security Policy Framework
• hMg ia Standard no. 5 – Secure Sanitisation
• be en 15713:2009 Secure destruction of confidential material
– code of practice
• JSP 440 Joint Services Publication
• data Protection act 1998

You can rest assured that you have the most compliant and comprehensive service available in the industry delivering first class services to the highest standards


Data erasure of the following units:
Hard disk drives, USB pens, Mobile phones, laptops, desktops, Server HDD technology.
Shredding the following devices:
Files, folders, HDDs, USB pens, CD’s, Mobile phones, Credit cards, ID cards, DLT tapes


Disposing of your computers HDD’s, CD’s, USB pens and paperwork should not be treated lightly and all measures to
safeguard your confidential data should be embraced. Identity theft is on the rise and GreensafeIT has invested heavily
against this growing threat with our purpose built vehicles and compliancy of our solutions. Our shredding & data
erasure specialists will call at your office as frequently or infrequently as required, collect all of your unwanted IT
and waste paper and shred it there and then, fully backed with a compliance and completion certificate.


Our mobile shredding solutions are designed to process high volumes of IT and paper per day.
With the ability to process large quantities of data bearing devices or confidential files quickly and securely all from
within the secure mobile unit further reduces the risk of information leaking


Our hard drive destruction solutions are compliant with the data privacy legislation when provisioned
to destroy and dispose of your paper or electronic data.
Each completed collection comes with a destruction certificate as part of our standard service. Should you require
a more detailed report around storage references, GreensafeIT would be happy to provide if requested, photo images of devices/boxes which can be included into the destruction certificate. As with all GreensafeIT Security services, our mobile team are all security cleared.

Environmentally Responsible:

As well as being a secure means of data destruction and data disposal GreensafeIT’s hard drive destruction service also offers one of the most environmentally friendly hard drive disposal processes available. GreensafeIT holds all required permits for recycling e-waste and is compliant with WEEE regulations, holds a Waste Carrier License and is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited.

How many can we process?

Our vehicles will shred media and HDD’s from 6mm upwards. Depending on the size of shred required will depend on how many units we are able to process per day. Please call our service desk to request a quotation on the quantity, size of shred and how long this task will take.

Adopting best practice is not something we take lightly and we will continue to invest in systems, people and processes to ensure our operations run to the best of our ability. The World Wide Web is an area where GreensafeIT also excel in today’s market place and we are focused on increasing our presence and market reach in these areas. We strongly believe that our customers will benefit from our investment in time and money in this sector.

We are continuing to invest in our own fleet of collection vehicles, bespoke onsite service trucks and operational facilities and also expanding our partner network across EMEA, GreensafeIT is truly a market leader in services and solutions for the IT recycling industry