GreensafeIT is able to provide its customers the complete end to end Hard Drive Shredding Service.

Why Choose GreensafeIT’s – Hard Drive Shredding Service

  • Most certified, secure and comprehensive mobile shredding solutions in the market place 
  • Ability to process high volumes in one day
  • Highly Secure and Certified IT Recycling Business
  • HMG approved Shredding solutions
  • All staff have been security vetted and approved.
  • Overseen over 3M devices through the IT Recycling process
  • Only Mobile ADISA Certified solution in the UK today
  • 65 years combined management experience in the IT Recycling Industry
  • ISO14001 & ISO9001, ADISA & DIPCOG Certified
  • Approved and certified by the Environment Agency

A growing number of of Business’s today want to ensure they can physically view the hard drive disposal service themselves. This is possible when working with GreensafeIT for hard drive shredding services.

Our processes are the most secure and comprehensive Secure hard drive disposal service in the UK. We are the only ADISA certified mobile solution that is certified and this is further supported by our DIPCOG accreditation. Hard Drive shredding Services are becoming requested a lot more as customers become concerned how their data is handled. BY requesting the Secure Hard Drive shredding Service from GreensafeIT they have complete peace of mind that their data is being handled by a trusted partner that will ensure 100% data security and compliance.

Our ISO14001 & ISO9001 accreditations also provide our customers with the comfort factor that all our processes and documented, controlled and audited by external parties to ensure they are inline with best practice.

Lots of companies offer hard drive disposal services but only a limited number have the correct and most secure shredding solutions. GreensafeIT is a market leaader in this sector and have a very unique mobile solution that is 3 steps ahead of the competition today.

Hard Disk shredding Services, Hard Drive Disposal Services, HDD destruction services – are commonly used by ITAD providers to describe this service within the sector.

Our Computer Recycling Centre is very secure and has been designed to process high volumes of IT equipment.

It is GreensafeIT’s core belief to ensure that our downstream vendors are audited on a yearly basis to ensure the material are handled in the most environmentally safe and responsible manner available. We are fully insured to protect your data and use only the most up to date standards and compliances to destroy your data properly and securely.

Greensafe IT offers the perfect solution for those looking to balance the social and environmental benefits of recycling WEEE waste, against the commercial imperative of protecting confidential information.Our service will ensure that 100% of your Company’s redundant electrical and IT is disposed of, without exposing your confidential information to potential misuse. By choosing Greensafe IT you ensure that your business is complying with the WEEE Directive, protecting the environment and with ensuring that your company and client’s information and reputation is protected.

With over 65 years of combined management experience in the industry you can be assured that your information is in expert hands.