GreensafeIT is able to show its customers how to Destroy hard Drive and they can even witness this activity via our secure viewing rooms from within our Secure Mobile Shredding Hard Drive Vehicles.

Why Choose GreensafeIT to show how to Destroy a Hard Drive

  • Most certified, secure and comprehensive mobile shredding solutions in the market place 
  • Ability to process high volumes in one day
  • Highly Secure and Certified IT Recycling Business
  • HMG approved Shredding solutions
  • All staff have been security vetted and approved.
  • Overseen over 3M devices through the IT Recycling process
  • Only Mobile ADISA Certified solution in the UK today
  • 65 years combined management experience in the IT Recycling Industry
  • ISO14001 & ISO9001, ADISA & DIPCOG Certified
  • Approved and certified by the Environment Agency

Typically our customers can request three types of service when requesting onsite shredding solutions:

  • Annual shredding contracts
  • One off project requests for large shredding activity
  • Adhoc shredding requests throughout the year

Our team of Security Cleared personnel install trust, peace of mind and our solutions complies with the following mandates and standards.

  • HMG Security Policy Framework
  • HMG IA Standard No. 5 – Secure Sanitisation
  • ADISA (Asset Disposal Information Security Alliance)
  • JSP 440 Joint Services Publication
  • Data Protection Act 1998

Strict industry standards and government regulations are in place that force organisations to mitigate the risk of unauthorized exposure of confidential corporate and government data. These regulations include HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act); FACTA (The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003); GLB (Gramm-Leach Bliley); Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOx); and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Failure to comply can result in fines and damage to company reputation, as well as civil and criminal liability.

Onsite mobile hard drive shredding services are the most secure way to ensure your data is securely disposed of. GreensafeIT can shred HDD’s, DLT tapes, CD’s, USB flash drives and many other media bearing devices. It doesn’t matter if you have 1 or 5,000 devices we are happy to provide a secure and safe service.

Our aim is to remove the risk and hassle for our customers and become a trusted partner in this field and be recognised as a market leading service provider in the IT recycling industry.

Being a fully certified IT recycling company is something GreensafeIT take very seriously and believe it makes a difference between reputable IT recycling companies. We have a dedicated Quality and Environmental Manager who is focused on continually expanding and maintaining our accreditations such as our ISO and waste management accreditation.

As a minimum, we advise our customer should look for a supplier who is ISO9001, ISO14001 certified and hold all of the legal environmental certificates required by law to treat and handle IT waste.

GreensafeIT has all of these accreditations and licenses and is a trusted partner for many legal, corporate and public sector organisations.

A trusted team & Complete peace of mind

Besides giving businesses the peace of mind, which comes from knowing their hard drive destruction and hard drive disposal processes are secure, destroying hard drives with GreensafeIT is also:

  • Cost effective: GreenSafeIT Limited offer competitive prices for hard drive destruction and onsite shredding services
  • Convenient: We can undertake your hard drive data destruction on site or off site depending on your requirements
  • Compliant: Our mobile shredding services ensure that your data destruction and data disposal is compliant with data privacy legislation. We issue a certificate of destruction detailing the time and date of every hard drive destroyed to provide you with an audit trail
  • Environmentally Responsible: As well as being a secure means of data destruction and data disposal, GreenSafeIT Limited’s mobile shredding services also offer one of the most environmentally friendly hard drive destruction processes available. GreenSafeIT Limited holds all required permits for recycling e-waste, and is compliant with WEEE, holds a Waste Carrier License and is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited

GreensafeIT’s philosophy how to Destroy Hard Drive  destruction, hard drive shredding or data destruction is one of compliance and fail safe procedures to operate a professional solution. Whilst there are many computer recycling companies or ITAD’s (Information Technology Asset Disposal Companies) in the market place our knowledge and expertise separate us from the competition. As a business we have over 65 years of combined experience within the industry GreensafeIT promote expertise and understanding in delivering a secure cost effective service portfolio.