Prior to any customer undertaking a major program refresh GreensafeIT are able to assist our customers by valuing the current estate based on market rates and grade of the equipment. This enables our customers to plan the project budgets in advance and factor in the resale values before the projects have even commenced.

it valuation

All we need is either the model number or specification of the devices and then our expert sales teams can calculate the market rates. These IT valuation are then valid for typically 30 days but in some cases this can be extended if the project may take a long time to complete.

At GreensafeIT we are also very used to making upfront purchases of redundant IT equipment where the devices have been already decommissioned and the customer wants to have the funds upfront to this enables them to use some of the funding towards the purchase of new hardware, at GreensafeIT we are more than happy to engage in this process to assist our customers and budgetary constraints where we can. Once an upfront offer has been placed GreensafeIT will reconcile the difference at the end of the project as it can often be a case that the items expected to come back have been re allocated or in fact additional items have been added to the scope as the project has progressed. We hold an open book policy on these matters so the customer can see exactly what we have collected and any differences can be reviewed at the project closure with the actioned agreed. IT Valuation is a core service we provide.

As a partner to many distributors and manufacturers GreensafeIT is also able to make upfront cash offers for customer returns and end of life products sets. This is part of our core offering and deals can vary from £10,000 – £5000,000 depending on the age, volume and type of equipment we are asked to handle.