Collecting asset management information is becoming more and more critical for businesses; at GreensafeIT we have developed a service that enables customers to obtain this information in a controlled and electronic manner.

asset management

Collecting asset management information can be done in isolation or prior to GreensafeIT undertaking a collection service.

blue3dbarcode-628x353We have developed a asset management system that enables our teams to import the current asset list from our customers asset database and then as we scan and record the details the system cross references the device that has been scanned to understand it the asset exists or not. We then use this report to either separate or store such devices separately in the event the customer needs to investigate the devices in more detail.

These audits can be used to decide what course of action should be taken on each unit, which devices are fit for reuse or even allow GreensafeIT to make an upfront purchase offer for the items that are no longer required.

The audits can contain but are not limited to:

  • Asset Tag Number
  • Serial Numbers
  • Location
  • Model Number
  • Specification
  • Condition

These audits can be conducted in or out of business hours depending on the level of asset management information and data required.

The asset management data is collected via PDA and Tablets that the engineers use to scan all the relevant fields into our secure data files. Once back at site the information is uploaded and can be sent to the customer in a determined file type.