GreensafeIT is an expert in Recycling Hard Drives and is a market leader for Onsite Hard Drive Shredding Services. Hard Drive Recycling solutions can vary from Data Erasure to Secure Hard Disk Shredding to as little as 2mm fractions.

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GreensafeIT A Trusted IT Recycling Partner


All businesses understand the importance of protecting their data but surprisingly lots of them do not use Secure IT and document shredding specialists. instead they use lower level services or in-house resources to help dispose of sensitive or confidential data. Many businesses are working towards becoming environmentally better on how they handle IT  and paper waste, but despite these efforts the office environment will still create a large amount of waste which needs to be handled in-line with legal and environmental legislation.

GreensafeIT’s mobile recycling Hard Drives solution manages all of this whilst being able to reassure you we are handling the shredding at your location in a controlled and secure manner. By using GreensafeIT’s reliable and market leading shredding & data erasure service means that your business will be able to avoid data and identity theft. When using our shredding and data erasure specialists, it enables your in-house resource to focus on business as usual activities.

GreensafeIT’s mobile recycling Hard Drive shredder and data erasure service permanently destroys your data in a secure and controlled manner. With data being so highly sensitive in today’s competitive world, this process can be undertaken safely and confidentially at your own premises.

Using cutting edge data destruction technology, GreensafeIT utilise specially designed Hard Disk Recycling shredding units that are fit for purpose and can shred hard disk drives into particles conforming to the most stringent standards and mandates. Our purpose built vehicles have the most advanced and state of the art document shredders installed so any data erasure requirements, whether that be paper or IT can be accommodated.

To further complement our onboard services is a purpose built mobile data erasure laboratory that will meet all data sanitisation requirements. This means we are able to shred, erase and securely dispose of all of your IT, confidential documents and recycling needs at customer site, removing the need to transport and increase security issues.
The mobile units also operate 12 onboard CCTV cameras allowing our customers to watch
remotely, if required. The vehicles are further secured with steel re-enforced sidings and locks to avoid any of the units being compromised or accessed by unauthorised personnel.


Our team of security cleared personnel are of the highest pedigree and professionalism to install trust and peace of mind when working with sensitive company information. With the backup of a management team with over 65 years experience, our solutions comply with the following mandates and standards:

• hMg Security Policy Framework
• hMg ia Standard no. 5 – Secure Sanitisation
• be en 15713:2009 Secure destruction of confidential material
– code of practice
• JSP 440 Joint Services Publication
• data Protection act 1998

You can rest assured that you have the most compliant and comprehensive service available in the industry delivering first class services to the highest standards.