GreensafeIT have a fleet of secure collection vehicles that we undertake customer collections with. We also have a dedicated secure collections partner that allows us to securely collect IT from anywhere in the UK at the best possible rates, whilst not compromising the risks associated with collecting redundant IT.

secure collections

Every collection is allocated a MOD security cleared driver to ensure the data and products are treated in accordance with MOD guidelines. This is the most comprehensive security clearance for the collection and logistics industry. This along with the dedicated collection services ensure the transport for our customers equipment is handled to the highest levels. Every vehicle has satellite tracking to ensure at any point we can check and confirm where the vehicles are at any point in time and every truck is a boxed sided vehicle.

To complement this Secure Collections service we can offer different levels of tracking for our customers. This scope can include:

  • Individually scanning each unit serial and asset number onsite and provide an electronic report once complete
  • Cross checking each device against the customers inventory estate to identify out of scope products
  • Cross referencing each item against a pre- defined list
  • Per packaged pallets for a quick and secure service

Every Secure Collections Service that we undertake will be collected in a secure plastic pallet box to ensure that the items once scanned and located in the boxes cannot be tampered with until the collection is received at our facility. Each container is locked so the customer has the peace of mind that the items are not only shipped on a dedicated IT collection vehicle but are also locked away in secure pallets.

This ensures our secure collection service is the most reliable and resilient in the ITAD industry.