GreensafeIT are able to provide its customers with bespoke storage solutions to assist the customer in creating secure, flexible and fit for purpose Secure storage containers. Request a quote today and receive a formal quote within 2hrs.

Secure Container Storage

We have developed many different Secure Container Storage solutions to enable our customers to securely store IT equipment on site prior to removal back to our facility for processing. The range varies from a small pallet size secure storage container to secure 40ft storage containers that allow the customers to move equipment from the office environment into an outside secure storage facility. This allows large scale projects to reduce transportation costs, increase security controls whilst ensuring the office can continue to operate in a normal manner.

Secure container storage

Cargo container

Each project can be different which is why we have chosen to extend the range to cover every eventuality a customer may require. Before any delivery can take place GreensafeIT will complete a risk assessment to ensure the containers that are being requested are fit for purpose and can be used in line with the customer Health and Safety policies.

Where required GreensafeIT onsite team will complete onsite training for your staff and also provide instructions on how the containers should be handled and used, again to reduce any health and safety issues for the customers or third party suppliers.

When the Secure Container Storage units  are ready for collection all our customers need to do is either call or email the GreensafeIT service desk and we will manage the entire process from there.

Adopting best practice is not something we take lightly and we will continue to invest in systems, people and processes to ensure our operations run to the best of our ability. The World Wide Web is an area where GreensafeIT also excel in today’s market place and we are focused on increasing our presence and market reach in these areas. We strongly believe that our customers will benefit from our investment in time and money in this sector.

Continued investment

We are continuing to invest in our own fleet of collection vehicles, bespoke onsite service trucks and operational facilities and also expanding our partner network across EMEA, GreensafeIT is truly a market leader in services and solutions for the IT recycling industry.To ensure we maintain the highest standards in IT disposals we only use Blancco software for our data erasure services. Blancco is the market leading data erasure product across the world and we have had senior management relationships with Blancco for over 10 years.