The management at GreensafeIT have overseen the imaging and configuration of over 2 million laptops, desktops and servers over their last 15 years within the IT industry.

Computer Imaging

The images are deployed via our imaging distribution server and all of the configuration benches are networked to the server farm to enable us to image multiple units at the same time. Typically, we are also asked to apply customer asset tags as part of the configuration process and then provide the customers with a detailed asset report so they can track the assets from delivery to desk and ongoing management and control.


Our experienced configuration engineers are also skilled in complex server builds and imaging which is a very popular service we provide. The key benefits are:

  • Reduction in the number of boxes being delivered
  • Reduction in the potential of DOA items
  • Reduction of waste onsite that would need to be managed and disposed of
  • Reduction in onsite installation time

Each server build we are asked to undertake will have a server build sheet completed to ensure that the configuration and spec that has been ordered is compatible and fit for purpose, again reducing risk and potential time lost onsite.

Business Challenge

Some organisations struggle to keep up with technology or do not have the time to scale their IT capacity to business requirements. IT directors are under increasing pressure to cut capital expenditure and reduce annual operating costs while still providing technologies to deliver improved services.

The time and resource taken up by the rollout of an updated IT estate, plus subsequent service desk requirements could be better utilised if they were focused on core business activity. Detailed asset tracking is vital in ensuring traceability of IT assets from inception until the end of the lifecycle.

Improved supply chain management processes achieve more rapid deployment of new technologies and help businesses retain the competitive edge. These improvements include pre-defining desktop packages and making them accessible through an online catalogue as well and outsourcing non-core elements such as pre-installation configuration of the desktop within defined service level agreements.


Our Configuration Complex complements new product supply by offering a range of value-add services, from asset tagging to comprehensive commissioning for laptop, desktop, server technology and any other peripherals.

We are continually monitoring and improving our Configuration operations to ensure that they are aligned to your business needs. The elements of the Configuration Cycle are:

  • DOA Testing
  • Asset Tagging
  • Hardware Build and Image Loading
  • Bespoke User Customisation
  • On Going Image Management.

When configuring a system, GREENSAFEIT can undertake the following processes:

  • Formatting of disk drives to agreed standards
  • Installation of operating systems to agreed standards
  • Installation of options, such as hard drives, tape drives or memory
  • Installation of generic ‘base build’ to agreed standards – this can be by direct download from dedicated file servers, or from client own servers with dedicated links back to clients’ domain
  • Installation of application packaging, group, departmental, site or user specific
  • Virus checks to agreed standards
  • Diagnostic checks to include all elements that should be fully tested for operability
  • Asset label and record
  • Re-box for delivery.


Our Configuration Services are suited to any organisation, delivering savings of up to 50% on the cost of configuration to an in-house IT Team and the time it takes to purchase, deploy and configure the new system.

Key Facts:

  • Save up to 50% on the cost of in-house configuration
  • We work around 8 times faster than an in-house IT team
  • Agreed service levels to suit your organisation
  • Purpose-built state of the art Configuration Centre

Our purpose built facility operates to rigorous ISO 9001:2000, 14001, quality, environmental systems. The Complex is equipped with state-of-the-art system build and testing facilities in an anti-static testing and eradication environment.

The Configuration Complex is designed to process high product volumes within agreed contractual service levels, either as run-rate supply or for a large project rollout to customer-defined standards.