To support our customers and partners GreensafeIT has a dedicated spares department that prides itself on being able to offer you the very best service with regards to spares support. No matter how old your estate, we are able to source, store and provide same day & next business day support and a wide range of Desktop, laptop and printer devices.


We provide the ‘Spares-as-a-Service’ for organisations that have IT engineers, but do not have the infrastructure or logistics teams to provide cost effective IT parts/delivery for themselves or their clients.
We ensure customers have access to a vast array of IT spares across all makes and models across the IT desktop. The service also covers parts and consumable items on all printers from laser to dot matrix and label.  Loan devices can also be provided at low cost, if we are unable to meet the parts delivery SLA.
Designed to meet stringent Corporate SLA’s, the service is able to provide the spares and logistics to meet same day SLA’s or next business day by 10:30am.
If you need experienced IT engineers we can provide these direct from our own pool of professionals or deliver support through our partner network.
• When technology firms need a strategic service partner to  manage all their desktop, laptop and printer inventory needs
• Provide a trusted, service-centric,   vendor agnostic outsource partner
• Increase service performance and enhance value proposition
• Expand geographic reach and deliver technical   service skills to your customer
• Customised warehouse & distribution service
• Manage customer owned stock and/or provide GreensafeIT  stock to fulfil customer requirement
• Pick up and drop off and/or technical courier service