At GreensafeIT we have developed 1st class supply chain services that our customers call upon on a daily basis to reduce time and save cost but improve the quality of Supply Chain Service the end users receive; furthermore and most importantly these services are carried out by a trusted partner .Each service can be bespoke to the customer’s needs and our experienced and highly skilled staff are able to ensure this is controlled and executed in a professional and cost effective manner.


Office Relocation Services

As part of the Office Relocation Services we offer our client base, we have developed a service that enables our customers to relocate the IT & Telecommunication equipment from one site to another in a secure, safe and controlled manner.

Imaging and Hardware Build Services

The management at GreensafeIT have overseen the imaging and configuration of over 2 million laptops, desktops and servers over their last 15 years within the IT industry.
Next day Collection Service

Secure Collections

GreensafeIT have a fleet of secure collection vehicles that we undertake customer collections with. We also have a dedicated secure collections partner that allows us to securely collect IT from anywhere in the UK at the best possible rates, whilst not compromising the risks associated with collecting redundant IT.

Returns Management Services

GreensafeIT is a returns management services company that is experienced in delivering bespoke solutions for our customer base and designing solution that cover every eventuality our customers need.